About L&W:

Since working in the home design industry, I have been working with the Monolithic Dome Institute for over 20 years in the capacity of designing floor plans and completing full construction drawings.  The enjoyment of interacting with new people and creating something beautiful for them has always been gratifying.

Each new custom home is a new challenge filled with its own personality.  From the beginning to the end of your home journey, I cannot wait for you to experience the excitement in creating something new.  From the time we begin you feasibility study until the completion of you home, I am available to address your questions and help in any way through the construction process.

 Linda Ware

The Dome Advantage:


The Monolithic Dome has many different aspects that make it the best choice in construction. Domes are extremely durable and strong. They are fire, water, and wind resistant, making them impervious to hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other threatening natural disasters.

Energy Efficiency

The Monolithic Dome is not only disaster proof, but also extremely efficient to heat and cool.  

Low Maintenance

A dome is also significantly easier to maintain than a regular building. There is no worry about roof repairs, wood rot, termite damage or any other sort of inconvenient maintenance required in a conventional structure.Type your paragraph here.

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